Top Ten Workplace Movies

Office Space
What Animal House was to the college experience, Office Space is to the workplace. A hilarious 90s masterpiece of angst, paranoia and revenge, its place in the Comedy Hall of Fame is assured (all together now: &#39I&#39ll make my &#39O&#39 face' &#39Did you get the memo about the TPS reports?' &#39I wouldn&#39t say I&#39m missing work&#39&#39) You&#39ll never look at a red stapler the same way again.

Did you get the memo &#39 Nice idea, hypnotherapy to make the cubicle lifestyle bearable. Hey, it&#39s less invasive than a full-frontal lobotomy, right?

All hail the power and glory of temping! The office in this quirky indie film is more like purgatory, a waiting place until the next &#39so-called&#39 life. If you&#39re looking for a cozy film to watch with your girlfriend, you might want to try elsewhere: all the men in this picture are a–holes.
Did you get the memo &#39 About the cool and cost-cutting fashion technique for the ladies? Forget manicurists; White Out works fine when it comes to French Tip nails.

How to Get Ahead in Advertising
There are plenty executive meltdown films, but this 80s British cult gem is a twisted classic. A stressed out adman working on an acne-cream campaign develops a boil on his neck, which soon mutates into a head and takes over his body. Are you diseased enough to work in this profession?
Did you get the memo &#39 So many hilarious lines, but the all-too true ones (&#39The world is one big shop and if it doesn&#39t have a price-tag on it, it&#39s not worth having&#39) cut like a knife.

The Office: Season One (US)
This series is, honestly, the only example of an American remake of a Brit-com working out just as well, if not better. Steve Carell is perfect as the boss you both hate and, well, hate, and Dwight (TK) &#39 if he&#39s your co-worker, you&#39ll never be the dumbest person in the room.

Did you get the memo &#39 This show may set the record for the most awkward pauses-per-episode in the entire history of network television. Plus, it&#39s a great introduction to the lifestyle of a nameless, faceless, suburban company.

In Good Company
This recent release answers the burning question &#39what&#39s worse than having a boss who has no idea what he&#39s doing?&#39 How about one who looks like he should still be in Little League? But Topher Grace, ever the master of the self-deprecation, is great here, as is his aging employee Dennis Quaid. And Scarlett Johansson? We like the overly made-up jailbait thing.

Did you get the memo &#39 Something tells us that slugging your new boss may not be the best career move in the real world.

Glengarry Glen Ross
A dream-team of Hollywood heavies (Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Ed Harris) compete for real estate dollars, while Alec Baldwin oversees the carnage. There&#39s more raging testosterone on screen here than a dozen Gladiator rip-offs, and David Mamet&#39s screenplay should become your office bible. Just remember: &#39Second place is a set of steak knives. Third place is you&#39re fired.&#39

Did you get the memo &#39 Al Pacino, this planet does not deserve you. So many awesome lines, but nothing tops &#39Hell exists on Earth? Yes, and I won&#39t live in it.&#39

Boiler Room
We all know Wall Street and its classic &#39greed is good&#39 line, but this little-seen drama is actually the best movie ever made about the slimy underbelly that is the stock market. Business grads may regret viewing this, but the movie does offer the first (and only) proof that Van Diesel is actually a pretty good actor.
Did you get the memo &#39 You just know any film that starts off with the &#39this is strictly fictional&#39 disclaimer is obviously very soundly based in fact.

The Hudsucker Proxy
This surreal business fairy tale, about a mailboy (Tim Robbins) who becomes head of a multi-million dollar corporation, ages like a fine wine. Biz-speak runs this bizzaro world where you don&#39t die, you &#39merge with the infinite.&#39 And what is it about the corporations that make grown men jump out of 44th floor windows?
Did you get the memo &#39 Want to get noticed and a promotion? Try setting fire to the headman&#39s office. Bet they never taught you that one in school.

A young girl (Maggie Gyllenhaal) just out of the loony bin gets her very first job, working for a fetish-obsessed lawyer with a not-so-well hidden S & M streak. Now it&#39s time for her to really get her freak on. Yes, but what about the health benefits?
Did you get the memo &#39 Does being spanked twice for mistyping a letter constitute sexual harassment? Discuss.

White-Collar Worker Kintaro
If you want a completely over-the-top film about corporate life, look no further than Japan. Kintaro is a former thug who &#39retires&#39 to the workplace, leading to the inevitable question &#39if you can take the guy out the gang, think you can take the gang out of your co-worker?&#39 This one plays like Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch trying to combine Office Space and The Godfather.

Did you get the memo &#39 On your first day at a new posting, if you have to track your boss down in the backroom of a bar, don&#39t disrupt his gambling. And if you do, don&#39t wait around for him to deck you.

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