The 10 Worst Jobs in Sports

10. NHL Ice-cleaner

No, we’re not talking about a Zamboni driver. That would be on the list of coolest sports jobs. This is the guy who has to scoop up the octopi and hats off the ice during NHL games. Try not to slip on those tentacles on national TV!

9. International Soccer Ref

These guys play crucial roles in the most popular sport on the planet. And if fans disagree with their calls, which happens quite often, they get death threats, cars driven onto the pitch and surely much worse.

8. NBA Water Boy

Here, Kobe … take some water. No? You sure? Please Kobe, take some. Please. Talk about a thankless job. Most guys pretend you don’t even exist. And even if they take the cup of water, they don’t look at you.

7. NFL Sideline Worker
How cool would it be to get to be on an NFL sideline during an actual game? Pretty nice, as long as you didn’t get run over by a 320-lb. lineman in pads. A concussion is a real possibility every time they go to the office.

6. Tennis Line Judge
Not only do you have to sit for hours on end with your back in a hunch position (chiropractor, anyone?), but you also never get any positive feedback. Fans and players are always yelling at you. Now, it even looks like computers might take away your job.

5. Sparring Partner
You spend all day knowing you are walking into the ring with a guy who’s expected to kick the crap out of you. And then he does. Plus, he’s the one who’s going to make millions while you get a broken nose.

4. Horse Groomer
There’s very little glory in working in horse racing these days, and you can bet the guy who cleans out the stalls and shovels the manure isn’t being interviewed on national television. Worse yet, just imagine if your office smelled like that.

3. Spit-bucket Holder
We’ve all seen this guy. After a star boxer gets bloodied, he spits his insides into a bucket at ringside. You hope every day that the boxer who can only see out of one eye has enough aim left to hit the bottom of the bucket and not your new sweat suit.

2. Baseball Dugout Janitor
Ever watch during a baseball game when they cut to the dugout? The chewing tobacco, snot rockets, empty paper cups, sunflower seeds and gum fly around like it’s a rainstorm in there. Whomever has the guts to clean up that thing needs a hug.

1. Urine Test Collector
How do you explain to your parents that, after years of doing research, you now follow athletes into a bathroom while they pee in front of you? Sure, someone has to do it. Let’s just hope that someone isn’t us.

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