Moving On

When the time has come to move on, you need some comfort, some lovin’ and some cuddlin’ from those who love you most: family and friends.

Match your mood to your support system.

Visit your mother if you want to be babied and cooked your favorite foods.

Find your dad if you just want to hang out silently with someone and maybe hammer a few things.

Call your best friend when you need to hear how sexy, smart and wonderful you are.

Get together with a happily married couple if you need instant proof that being back with the &#39singletons&#39 is better.

Gather single girlfriends when you&#39re ready to go prowling for fresh meat and have catty bitch sessions about your ex (they&#39ve been there, done it and bought the T-shirt).

Dial male friends when you need reminding that not all men are swine.

Look up an old ex for a passionate fling.

Get in touch with his friends when you need to let out all the venomous things you have ever felt about him. It should (a) get back to your ex and (b) allow you to gauge whether the listener likes or dislikes your ex, perhaps giving you something in common&#39.

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