Keep Cool, You Tool

Misty Mate Personal Mister (19.95)

It may look like a vibrator, but the Misty Mate actually releases a blast of cool air with just the press of a button. After filling the holding container with water (holds 2.5 oz), pump 10 to 20 times and an ultra-fine mist is released, cooling the air around you. Just don&#39t run out of water, or you’re screwed.

The Cool Thing Wrap (18.95)

Underneath its nylon outer shell, the gel inside expands when you soak it in cold water. Simply soak them for 30 minutes, and they will stay cool for days without needing to refrigerate or freeze them. Wrap them around your neck and just enjoy the coolness. And maybe you will start a new trend of neckties as well!

The Outdoor Cooling/Misting System ($69-95)

In case your one of those people that has &#39friends,&#39 this gadget might be more your speed. It cools the air in outdoor areas like decks, patios and poolsides by up to 25 degrees. It produces an ultra-fine mist so small it evaporates before it reaches the ground, so you won&#39t get wet either. Definitely could use one of these in our office.

Twist & Mist ($19.95)

This works under the same principle as the Misting System above, except it&#39s only for one person, you selfish bastard. Made of braded hose, you just attach to your garden hose and wrap it around anything, the arm of your chair, the chain of a hammock&#39wind it around the railing of your deck, around somebody&#39s neck. There are endless possibilities. Then enjoy the continuously cool mist. Awesome!

TH 396 Head Spa Massager ($49.95)

This doesn&#39t really keep you cool, but we are including it anyway, because it&#39s awesome. This may look like it is going to erase your memory, but it is actually giving you a head massage. It&#39s like thousands of fingers rubbing your head, without the icky feeling. You can wear it while driving to work. Watch other drivers look at you in scared silence.

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