Flipping Out : When Survivor Flip Cup Gets Too Personal

We&#039ve all been there. Flip flops drenched, that mysterious &#039frat sludge&#039 caked on the bottom of your jeans, a warped piece of ply-wood propped up on four mangled chairs serving as your table. You&#039re on fire all game. You have become one with the red Solo cup. The &#039table&#039 is properly lubricated with Natty Light so the suction in just right. With every flick of the index finger, that resounding thmph lets you know that another flip has landed successfully.

It has come down to three on each team in this contest of Survivor Flip-Cup. Yourself, your best friend, and your girlfriend or boyfriend. Some one may have to go. You know that your best friend is better. But you also know that if you kick your girlfriend off, you probably won&#039t get any sweet, sweet lovin for, like, a week and you will have to spend like $200 ($12 in college money) wining and dining (a box of Franzia and dollar menu junior bacon cheeseburgers) to dig yourself out of the hole.

They both nail their flips on the first try, and it&#039s up to you to do the same. Suddenly, the dreaded &#039double dink&#039 echoes through your ears. &#039Dink dink.&#039 The rim then the base. You try again. &#039Dink dink&#039. The cup mocks you from its side. Rolling lazily in that half circle anti-victory lap on the beer soaked ply-wood. Your grab at it again, but your flips are futile. &#039Dink dink.&#039 The more people yell, the worse you get. &#039Dink dink.&#039 You try a new spot on the table, but it&#039s not the spot on the table. It&#039s you. You&#039ve got AFS, Askew Flipping Syndrome.

Before you can grab for the cup for one last pathetic attempt at rescuing your self respect, the other team wins. Suddenly, your Girlfriend/Boyfriend and best friend turn on you. You go from being the person they go to with their problems to being treated like you kicked their three-legged dog as it was helping a blind guy pick out his socks.

&#039Pretty sweet man. Pri-T-Sweet!&#039

Insults start flying at you. Not only are your flip-cup credentials discredited; all of a sudden it gets personal. Your significant other starts questioning your sexual techniques in front the entire party &#039and what&#039s with that counter clockwise swirl at the end, are you getting your sex tips from Seinfeld?&#039 He/She yells. Your hygiene gets attacked from left field, &#039Don&#039t you know what a cue tip is for.&#039 The colon/perfume you have worn for your entire relationship suddenly becomes a topic for public ridicule &#039And who wears CK1 anymore. What is this, 7th grade?&#039 Even the way you pronounce &#039Specifically&#039 isn&#039t safe (pacifically: yeah, that sounds right). As you slink away from the table, you start to think about where to transfer, and you realize that Survivor Flip Cup can get dangerously personal.

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