Space Station Retrospection…

Was this f’ing thing made as an 8th grade science project?

I mean, dude, over $100 Billion spent world-wide on this thing and 1 game of mine sweeper throws the whole thing off – WTF?! I can do 3 word docs, YouTube, a DVD, IM, Photoshop and a little CounterStrike, and these Rocket Scientists (literally) can’t keep that bad boy running…uhhhhh…okkkkkkkk.

Just saying, it I can get my ghetto-rigged DELL to multi-task, you NASA dipshits should wake up and smell the upgraded RAM chips.


Perspective, $100 Billion =

– More than the GDP of 96% of the countries of the world

– Could LITERALLY solve the global homeless situation

– According to Sally Strothers, it could feed 33,333,333,333 people

– Could cut 5% of the US national deficit

– Could buy the US military 10,000,000 flack jackets for soldiers in Iraq

– Could buy a piece of land SOMEWHERE in the world to separate any number of intolerant religious extremists around the world

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