America’s new 4th sport

To the chagrin of girlfriends around the country, the average guy has a major sport to watch, follow, bet on and discuss everyday of the year. Baseball dominates the summer, football the fall and basketball holding strong between the two. The NCAA picks up the slack after the Super Bowl and finishes up right as the NBA starts to get interesting. Despite the year round sports saturation, the supply has not quite met the demand. We as a country are missing our fourth sport. The spot once filled by the pre-strike NHL, and never satisfied by other feeble attempts (sorry XFL and soccer), is currently wide open for the taking.

Thankfully to my wandering mind, a day off of work and an all day marathon on VH1, “The World Series of Pop Cultureâ€? has become my choice as the new frontrunner. Though the entire first season can be watched in about nine hours (trust me on this), the show could become a major contender in the sports world by following these easy steps.

  1. One team per major city… and even some minor cities: It’s only three people to a team, so it is pretty easy to field a squad. Also, think how easier it is to find three normal people that watch television than it is to find three elite athletes. Hell every city/town can have a team. Boise, Idaho? Billings, Montana? Welcome to the upper tiers of professional sports.

  2. A season before the World Series: This formula works just fine for baseball, so let’s see how it works for the WSOPC. Each match takes 30 minutes, and can be filmed anywhere that can fit seven people so no new stadiums need to be built. With so many teams, we can have a short season like the NFL (15-25 regular season games) and they will be constant pop culture trivia action every night for at least two months leading up to the ultimate tournament at the end.

  3. 64 team single elimination tournament: We already stole from the name from the MLB, regular season from the NFL, so let’s not hesitate to steal the great post season of the NCAA. Complete with office brackets, and Cinderella stories, the WSOPC bracket challenge is a no brainer.

  4. Video clips, audio clips, and everything in between: Trivial Pursuit added a DVD to their game, and Jeopardy added video clues. It just seems like the natural progression of trivia style gaming.

  5. Anyone, from anywhere, can win the championship: Yeah, Seattle has a team, but the three people representing Seattle have to win a play in round to be that years team. Start by winning at your local bar, than win the west part of town, and next thing you know you are representing your home city or state in the national championship league, with the possibility of playing in the ultimate World Series.

We watch pro athletes and question their abilities, their heart, and their motivations when each and every one of them could beat us 10 out of 10 times at their respective sports. The WSOPC is different. We watch, and we know we can do better than a team that is faltering in the “80’s teen starsâ€? category. We know that if we can just find a guy that knows music, the championship is ours. The new 4th Sport will be the only one of the major sports where the ‘athletes’ get better by being lazy, and where a fatigued groin won’t keep you out of competition. Where watching film, will actually be watching films. Where anybody can be a champion as long as they have enough stamina to remember all of the minute details of our pop culture life, and know two other people who can do the same.

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