Hooking Up 3.0: Mobile Dating

Did you know that millions of people have been using their cell phones as a dating service? Um yeah, well I just heard about it too. Absolutely proposterous, right?!

With the rise in popularity of online dating now at an all-time high, it’s not news to anyone that we have access to just about anything, literally right at our fingertips. From finding directions, to ordering take-out, to searching for a job, to making celebrities out of nobodies, the internet does everything for us, including helping us hook up.

And as the good old web has joined forces with Blackberrys and Palm Pilots and all the other freaks of technology that seem to do everything in the name of communication, cell phones can now be used to access dating services from anywhere at anytime – making the booty call or booty graze that much more convenient for everyone! Yes, hard to believe, but it is now even easier to have casual, spur-of-the-moment sex.

This article from The Wall Street Journal talks about places for daters on-the-go, like FastFlirting, Zogo, and MeetMoi, a “location based dating service” that allows texters to send anonymous messages to potential hook-ups within 10 miles of eachother. You send a text to MeetMoi telling them where you are, MeetMoi texts you back with profiles of people who are in your area and are also looking to meet somebody, and then you can take it from there – talk, chat, meet up with that person, whatever. Bing, bang, boom. But mostly just bang.

With options like this available on your cell phone, this means you can go grocery shopping while finding a date at the same time. You can sit on the subway, or walk your dog, or have an ice cream cone in one hand (or a corn dog, or lollipop or any other handheld food) and your cell phone in the other while finding a date at the same time. You can be on a date while finding a date at the same time! Amazing!

Let’s say you’re out at a bar, and no one has peaked your interest. Mobile dating will get you a girl there in no time. I get the feeling that most of the people who do this are lookin’ for some spontaneous, onsite action rather than something deeper, but that’s just me.

That being said, the main concern with mobile dating is obviously the whole stalking issue. You know, like telling a perfect stranger exactly where you are so they can come meet up with you – it isn’t appealing to everyone. While the companies are still working out the kinks, they really leave it up to the texters to decide if they want to reveal their locations, and unlike Internet dating sites, each person is only allowed one account and one alias for one phone number.

Stalkers aren’t really rich enough to have more than one cell phone, anyway.

Yup, surfing for chicks via cell phone is now a reality. Cell phones do it all, man. I’m just waiting for the day that cell phones will actually be able to morph into members of the opposite sex who we can hook up with and then morph back to cell phone form after its done.

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