26 Steps To Becoming My Ex!

First Level – She has socks with the 5 toes built in. (And they are striped)

Second Level – She wants to watch Sex and the City.

Third Level – That was a great massage. What do ya mean your turn??

Fourth Level – Yes, I did say one more round of X-box Hockey.

Fifth Level – Does she think standing in front of the TV is gonna make me stop. It’s called the pause button.

Sixth Level – Oh no. Not a scented candle.

Seventh Level – She did NOT just take the last Yoohoo.

Eighth Level – I don’t care where we eat. You pick. No, you. I don’t care. I’ll eat anything, you’re the picky one! Fine, Taco Bell. See, I knew you wouldn’t want that.

Ninth Level – Why is this in my room? That is clearly PINK.

26 Levels To Becoming My Ex!

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