Advice from a Girl: Her Insecure Baggage

Don’t be fooled, boys. No matter how confident your lady may appear in her tight black dress and red high heels, she’s definitely carrying some insecurity baggage.

Why? Well, because all women do.

Let’s be honest. You’re somewhat unsure of yourself, too. If you multiply that by 1,000 and you might have a tiny notion of how self-doubting women really can be. To appreciate their perspective, you have to understand what’s going on in their heads. It’s not as impossible as you may think. We have a few major issues that have the potential to drive her (and probably you, too!) up the wall:

1.) Other women.
Whether it’s another girl at a bar you glanced at or the ex-girlfriend you still call, women cannot stand their man having an interest in other women, particularly if you do it in front of them. She’ll immediately race to the conclusion that you’re cheating. Or, worse, two-timing her. You definitely don’t want these manifestations sprinting through her head. So stay focused on her.

2.) You don’t call when you say you will.

Guys, when are you going to learn? If you’re interested in the girl, don’t wait a week to call her again! Give it two days, max. If you’re truly into her, you’ve got to pursue her; otherwise she’s going to be a nervous wreck. And if you do end up calling a week later, she probably won’t want to talk to you after all the anxiety you put her through.

3.) Body consciousness.

In today’s can-never-be-too-thin culture, women are extremely conscious of their bodies. You don’t want her to think she isn’t attractive or desirable on a date or in the bedroom. The key: Keep those compliments coming!

4.) Just another one of his booty calls.
Because you males do have a pretty intense interest in sex, it’s a given that women worry that all you want with them is that three letter word. Put in the extra effort to show her she means more to you than just the physical act.

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