Picking a bathing suit? Go with the “Mansuit”

Living near one of the largest beach cultures in the world, I have been struggling to come to grips with what the appropriate beach attire would be for me. The surf culture here in Southern California suggests a young male like myself should wear some board shorts because apparently they make surfing so much easier. I do not know the scientific proof behind that last statement but considering every ‘dude’ in this geographic region wears them, it has to be true.However, I do not surf, nor do I have any desire to learn, so where is my place on the beach? To answer this, we must take a trip across the Atlantic, and onto the sandy, nude beaches of Europe.

Whereas most European males in my experience have adorned banana slingers to the beach, the classier ones have chosen to take the man bathing suit path. These mansuits are akin to the ones you wore as an elementary schooler, falling slightly above the knee and they tend be one solid color. When shopping for mansuits, think Mitch Buchanan a.k.a. David Hasselhoff from Baywatch. Rest assured though that these bathing suits will not make you a crumbling alcoholic, laying on your floor eating a hamburger and cursing out your children. Therefore, if you want to stand out at the beach without looking like an Eastern European tourist or looking like , pick up a pair of mansuits and show all those longboarders whose boss.

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