How to Approach Her

‘Red Rover, Red Rover, send Charlie on over!’ Do you often feel too intimidated and overtly nervous to approach a woman in a bar or a party when she is surrounded by her flock of girlfriends? Hey, it’s tough to break through that solid wall of females to utter a mere ‘Hi!’ and flash a quick smile. You figure you’ll be walking right into a black hole of rejection.Well, you’re not alone! Most men find it quite difficult to go up to an attractive woman when she is by herself, let alone when she is surrounded by her 26 girlfriends. But, the truth be told, women always have and always will travel in packs; it’s just what they do (dude – they can’t even go to the bathroom alone!?!). So, here’s how to navigate this tricky situation.

You can either brave it alone, pull a ‘Top Gun’ and bring your wingman along (we know all you ‘Maverick‘s’ out there have your ‘Goose’s’ to help you out in these tough situations), or if there’s five of you and five of them, make it a party for 10. (Take note: If you bring over a buddy or buddies, make sure they are well mannered, can hold a conversation and are eager to help you land the girl you have your eyes on.

Once you make it over to the group of lovely ladies, stick to the basics, meaning those good old rules mom taught you before you hit double digits. You remember: ‘Now play nice with the girls, Billy.’ Make sure you are polite and personable to everyone in the group, not just the girl you are going after. If you’re a hit with her friends, there’s no doubt you’ll score big with her.

Make sure to look into her eyes when the two of you are talking and don’t be afraid of a little TLC, unless of course it makes her uncomfortable. Most girls love intimacy, so there’s nothing wrong with brushing her hair out of her face or taking her by the hand (and away from all of her friends!) if you want to buy her a drink at the bar.

Point blank: Don’t shy away from the crowd of ladies. Women love it when you approach them. It’s time to muster up some courage and walk up to her (and all of her girlfriends!).

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