Ask Your Girlfriend About Her Ex: Here are Signs She is Lying

A few curious thoughts are roaming through your head. There’s a commercial on, so you think, What the hell? I’m gonna tell my girl what’s on my mind. And then you ask questions about her ex-boyfriend.Whether you’re hopelessly optimistic, downright cynical or somewhere in-between, the bottom line is that you want the truth. Always. Her words may sound good, but there are some clear ways to tell if she’s telling the truth or lying through her teeth just by observing her body language:

If she bites on her lower lip or tightens her mouth up, she’s physically holding back the entire story.

By crossing her arms, legs or ankles, she’s put himself into a protective stance, a physical way for her to close up.

She may pull on her ear when giving you an answer, a subconscious way for her to not really hear anything being said.

Rubbing her nose has a similar connotation; she’s trying to block his mouth so her words won’t be heard in full.

Has she been looking you in the eye when she talks? If your girl is rubbing the corners of her eyes or frequently looking away, it may be because she feels uncomfortable and doesn’t want you to really ‘see’ her.

And there are the more obvious signs to look for: fidgeting, looking down or becoming defensive.

Even if your girl thinks she’s the best liar in the world, catch one of these body language cues and you’ll know the real truth to the tale she’s spinning.

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