Lindsay “Blow-han” Lohan arrested for possession & driving while hopped up on Cocaine.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early AM today in Santa Monica, CA for DUI (she blew a .13) and for possession of cocaine which they found in her pants pocket upon search at the police station. It was the second time in less than a year she was busted and Lohan had been released from rehab less than a month ago for drugs and alcohol problems.

If Lohan was a a”normal” person, being that this was her second offense in less than a year and she was nailed for possession of cocaine she could be looking at close to ten years in jail. The sad truth is Lohan is a Hollywood celebrity which means she will face a push over judicial system that will give her a stern slap on the wrist.

8 thoughts on “Lindsay “Blow-han” Lohan arrested for possession & driving while hopped up on Cocaine.”

  1. Still DRUNK! That's gotta hurt! Like those hangovers Lindsay? You wouldn't be able to do Leno even if you didn't get popped!

  2. Her performances are forgetable. But this picture says a 1000 words!!!

    I'm trying to figure out what is so great about her? Right along with Paris,Nicole and Britney. I feel sorry for all the 20 something year olds. They have the worst role models I have ever seen.

    She looks just like Dana Plato. If she doesn't straighten up then she will be dead by the time she reaches her 22 birthday. She'll have that party in her jail cell.

  3. she is going to end up like dozens of hollywood stars that came before her. dead before her 27th b-day.

  4. Man she's only famous because we keep putting these stories about her on our media. I know I don't care about her. Why do people keep putting her and Paris and Brittney in the news? NO ONE CARES!

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