Read Her Body

You see a hot girl at a party or you’re totally digging her body, her hair, her smile … You want to make your move, but the fact that she’s surrounded by her friends is intimidating and you really don’t want to make an ass of yourself. Here is how to tell if she’s interested:

Hair Tossing:
If she’s throwing her hair over her shoulder, she wants you to notice her. It’s a way of calling attention to one of her greatest assets.

So far, so good.

Eye Contact:
Making eye contact with someone is usually the first way two people connect. Pay attention. If you notice her eyes locked on yours throughout the night, she’s definitely interested.

Make your move.

The Lean:
As the two of you are chatting it up, again, pay attention to her. Be aware of the distance between you. If she’s leaning in, lessening the distance between you, she’s feeling a definite attraction. But, if she stays significantly distant from you or she crosses her arms, she’s not feeling it.

When a woman is aroused and excited, her mouth gets dry. If you notice her licking her lips a lot throughout your conversation, it’s safe to say she wants you ‘ which means there is the chance that she’ll take you home tonight.

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