Ask a Girl: Women Just Want to Be Hit On (After You Buy Them French Fries)

Pickup lines can be pretty skeezy, but honestly, who doesn’t like to be hit on? Getting hit on is the greatest confidence – booster that exists. Even when an ugly dude throws me a lame line with the sole purpose of getting into my pants, I can’t help but ride the “gosh golly, maybe I really am pretty!â€? high for a couple of days. Guys: are you listening? Genuine or not, compliments large and small work wonders.According to dating guru Julia ask Allison, come – ons are rather failproof. But so is buying a girl french fries. She explains: girls want greasy food, but they are too self – conscious to order it for themselves. So if a guy orders it for a girl, it’s the ultimate in symbiotic pick – ups. Even if they don’t end up getting together, at least they get french fries. And it’s a lot less presumptuous than ordering a girl a Long Island Iced Tea.

Hmm. I’m not sure. I think I might prefer compliments to french fries, but I’ll still take any free grub. Thanks, guys!

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