The Geico Cavemen are Racist Towards Blacks?

Over sensitive minority groups are claiming that the new Geico “Caveman” series coming to TV in October is racist because the Cavemen face misconceptions regarding their sophistication and intelligence due to their appearance. There are similarities between the Caveman’s fish out of water life and the oppression of blacks throughout American history but I think this whole situation could be a result of Reverend Jesse Jackson and company who are on a constant witch hunt against white America and especially the film industry. What ever the case, the production company is currently re shooting the pilot episode but not because it is racist (I don’t believe that for a second).

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6 thoughts on “The Geico Cavemen are Racist Towards Blacks?”

  1. I think the real crime here is that good money is being wasted on a retarded from the get-go TV pilot. Who in their right mind thinks it's a good idea to create a TV show on a stupid commercial?

  2. Hey since you are the editor could you look into why this story "5 More Terrible Male Sexual Experiences!" Doesn't load right? It only goes to the first 2 sections and there is no comment section on it. I tried to use the "Contact us" link but that also gives me an error.

  3. i do, it will be the most watched debut of the year. but….. viewer ship will drop like a rock after that. you can only watch so much caveman TV without things getting really weird

  4. I am black and I definitely do not think the ads are racist at all. They in no way represent the african-american population, people need to stop.

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