iJacking.. The Newest iPod Trend to be Tackled by Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC

There are well over 110 million iPods in circulation today. Everyday, even multiple time a day, we see people walking down the street with their ear buds in and music cranked up, oblivious to what is going on around them. This oblivious state make it very easy for low life petty thieves to run up (remember you can’t hear them creeping up because “Ace of Base – All That She Wants” is blaring), push you down and jack your iPod. Bingo Bango an easy crime that just scored them a $350 iPod to resell on the streets. In fact this crime is getting so prevalent that it’s got a new sweet nick name… iJacking!

Tonight Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen and the makers of the funniest show on TV ‘To Catch a Predator‘ will be doing a series on iJacking. The show will consist of the standard ‘predator’ formula… absurd stats tossed around, scare tactics, funny characters to lure in predators & setting up iJackers to bringing them down on national TV.

I would suggest that you watch the show but if you can’t here is the number 1 tip to avoid getting iJacked.

CHANGE YOUR EAR BUDS. They stand out like a sore thumb and you will be a sitting duck. Go to any Best Buy-ish retailer and pick up a new $10 pair of hear phones because the perps won’t be able to tell if you have a new $400 video iPod or a tape player from you MC Hammer days and the playback quality will sound better.

2 thoughts on “iJacking.. The Newest iPod Trend to be Tackled by Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC”

  1. The Dateline program, 'To Catch an iJacker', does it again. Shocked and appalled at the lengths people take to steal amazed me. How disgusting our world is!
    The good news out of this story was the man who created the website: http://www.stolenipods.com to help people find their iPods.
    Apple said in the beginning that it cannot/would not do a thing about assisting owners in finding their iPods but it now looks like they will stay cosistent with their "Think Different" slogan and help afterall.
    Brickbats to all you thieves.
    Kudos to Apple on helping iPod owners retrieve their stolen iPods.

  2. Apple has no business tracking this kind of information. Could you imagine the problems they will have to deal with. They are a company that makes computers and devices, not law enforcement.

    Maybe if people did not leave their stuff around in public it would not get stolen. I have had the same ipod for 5 years, go figure

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