Confirmed: Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Engaged

First there were rumors that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz of “Fall Out Boy” got “his and hers nose jobs” and although there is no proof I wouldn’t put it past them. Then the rumors were flying that Simpson was knocked up. If this were true I’d petition for a court ordered paternity test cause I’m still convinced Wentz is a homo. Getting back to the point the latest rumor from the ultimate musical sell-out faux emo power couple is they are to be hitched in spring of 2008. $50 says Pete Wentz hyphenates his last name… Pete Wentz-Simpson.

It is said that Wentz proposed to Simpson at Live Earth on July 8th and news broke when an overly excited Joe Simpson told close family members who in turn told a few media sources. Joe should have learned the first rule of fame and fortune. Never trust family members that aren’t next of kin, they are all blood suckers who will spread your secrets to mooch even the smallest amount of public recognition.

Regardless of how I feel about blood sucking extended family members the real reason I’m covering the “Breaking News” is because there really isn’t anything else going on in the “news” and I truly thought Pete Wentz was gay. If this wedding goes down good for him cause he’ll be proving to America that he doesn’t eff dudes and he will also be marrying (in my opinion) the foxier Simpson.. just look at the pics below! She is a babe!

Yet Another Comic-Con Report
Yet Another Comic-Con Report
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