‘How to Avoid Being a Jealous Boyfriend’

There are some guys who really can’t control their jealousy. Sure your girl might be a ho but a habitual jealous boyfriend get really pissed when their girl talks, smiles or speaks highly of another guy. Although you don’t want to keep the leash too loose and become a pu**y these jealous traits must be dealt with immediately or your stresses will crush the relationship.
Below Joseph Baylon of The People’s Media Company gives us some tips of ‘How to Avoid Being a Jealous Boyfriend.’

1. Reflect. Deal with your own demons and try to identify the factors that cause you to become jealous. Ask yourself if there has been any occasion that you found her cheating on you. You may be more reasonable to be jealous if she has had history of being unfaithful, but, if not, you may only be creating your own jealous thoughts. Foster a stronger mentality — that you are confident about yourself and your position in the relationship.

2. Be faithful. Do your best in the relationship and do not even think of double-crossing your girlfriend in any way. Try to start avoiding even looking at other women and put your focus on her whether or not she’s around. If you develop a sense of commitment to her, you will be more confident that she’s also doing the same for you.

3. Diversion. Find a hobby or activity that can divert your attention away from your girlfriend, if she’s not with you. The problem with most jealous boyfriends is that they do not have anything better to do outside of the relationship. You have to continue living your life and priorities, too. Cherish and build other friendly relationships with both men and women, spend time with your family, and do the things that you love.

4. Talk to others. Ask advice from your parents or other people who have had enough experience of both good and bad relationships. Whenever you feel jealous, talk to these helpful people first, so that they can share their perspective about the matter. They will motivate you to keep still. Do not assume things that you truly do not know anything about.

5. Talk to your girlfriend. One strong factor that causes jealousy is fear of the unknown. You simply do not see the whole picture, which makes you assume and make conclusions on your own (which, at most times, are false). It would help a lot if you go directly to your girlfriend and ask the truth about what’s bothering you. Do not be judgmental and allow her to explain her side before you go and pick a fight again.

The lesson is that you should not believe what you cannot see, so it would be wrong to quickly assume anything, as it will only make you jealous. Some people you trust may report to you an incident that makes you jealous about your girlfriend, but, still, do your best to find out the truth before starting anything.

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  1. im deffinitely an over-jealous boyfriend, i get jealous when she talks to other guys or i see pictures of her and her ex or even when she says she misses an old guy friend. i desperately need help before i lose her and i cant do that or my life will be over, i love her to death and i need to change for her and our relationship. i found that talking things out sorta helps but sometimes i just get in a bad mood and complain over nothing. i hope she forgives me. love you babe

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