Jessica, 7 Years old and 410 Pounds.

What kind of horrendous parents would allow their 7 year old daughter to eat her way into oblivion like this? Jessica weighs 410 pounds (that’s heavier than 99% of the linemen in the NFL) and she’s ONLY 7!!! Last week Jessica had to be admitted into a special hospital to be forced into a strict diet.

Sure it maybe be a hormone problem but it may also be a cookie problem. Her parents should control her massive eating because if Jessica can’t walk, let alone reach into the fridge, someone is feeding her massive amounts of food. General logic tells me that if she eats less she will lose weight. Anyway it’s lunch time so check out the video and feel sad about those 2 slices you just ate.


Watch a hilarious remix of Jessica dancing like a fat kid after the jump!

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