Cheap & Creative ‘Do It Yourself’ Gift Ideas for Your Lady Friend

Everyone knows that girls like to get presents. For us guys this can burn a hole in our wallet real fast so below I’m going to give you a few romantic gift ideas that will cost little or no money. As Mickey Chan says, “We girls enjoy presents they say, “Hey, I was thinking about you” over presents that mumble, “I figured I should buy you something and this was on sale and the quickest thing I could grab.” In other words, it’s not necessarily the price you purchased it for, but the thought you purchased it with.”

The first gift is easy but you will be forced to suck up your pride and visit the baking section of your local Pathmark. Find out what her favorite cookies are and bake them. This takes very little skill, about $4 total and your “aww” points will be through the roof. Big return on investment if you ask me.

This next one is completely unique. For it you will need color paper, pipe cleaners, super glue and magic fingers. Today you will be giving her 1 dozen roses that won’t turn brown in 3 days and will cost 1000% less. Look up origami online and turn your arts and craft supplies into colorful flowers. She will be blow away by your creativity. FYI just make sure you don’t try to wack it accidentally using the super glue as lube. Saw it go down in American Pie 2 and I almost cried.

That’s all I’ve got for now but give these creative gifts a try and check back later for more ideas.

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