Dating Tips for Bachelors

When meeting a quality girl there are so many minuet factors that can turn a budding relationship into a brown stem and not a beastly rose on steroids. Now that I’ve got the flower talk outta my system I’d like to break down an article written by Wilbert Wiggins titled “Dating Tips for Bachelors.” Wilbert says that although he is still a bachelor he has learned some valuable tips from papa-deuce, friends and just general observation.

Here are his tips that will allows you to succeed in the dating scene:

Believe in yourself: I cannot stress this enough. Women are strongly attracted to confident men. Confidence will give you an aura that will draw women to you.

Limit your availability-Please don’t ask me why this works. I simply know that it works and it works well. In economics, we are taught that scarcity gives value to things. In this case, scarcity is your time and availability. Just share enough of your time in order to entice your love interest to want more of it.

Using this tactic will make her have full appreciation of your time. I know it’s somewhat devilish, but what’s wrong with having a slight edge?

Bring her down to earth-So many women are spoiled by guys that are trying to buy their love. You cannot buy true love. I think this lesson has not been taught or ignored by many guys. Don’t try to buy romance out of someone. You will not gain the full respect from the woman that you are pursuing.

Women love attention and some guys give it to them in the wrong way. I suggest that you act nonchalantly in your initial dealings with her. This will separate you from the rest of the guys and intrigue her.

Be specific about your compliments-Don’t just tell a woman that she is beautiful. Study her and tell her what makes her beautiful. Is it her eyes? Is it her lips?

Many guys tell a woman that she is pretty, but they do not tell her what makes her pretty. Being specific with your compliment will gain more appreciation from her.

Allow her to carry the conversation-Women love to talk. Especially about themselves. I contribute to the conversation, but I allow the women to talk a little more. Women love attention and listening is a form of attention that they adore.

Be a gentleman-Always be polite and on your best behavior. This will go a long way and earn you some cool points!

Be creating in your outings-Take her to the museum to see the hottest artifacts. Have a picnic with her. Use your mind to come up with creative outings that she will enjoy.

Dating is fun and adventurous. As a bachelor, you must have some guidelines that help you in your courtships. I believe these tips will help you in the dating area.

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