Love Less and Have All The Power

Did our article on being a wimp open you eyes to your wimp-ness? “Those Who Love the Least Have the Most Power” will give you a new perspective on relationships and shares tips on how to be the man and not a wimp.

“Those Who Love the Least Have the Most Power”

She (or he) has you wrapped around their little finger. When they want to make you angry they just flirt with some other man, when they need something from you they ask, and when they are tired of talking to you they just hang up. In the end you are so emotionally battered that you don’t know what to do.

Have you ever seen someone who was whipped? Being whipped is more of a state of mind than it is anything else. Being whipped leads people to great emotional distress that can cause all types of crazy behavior ranging from extreme feeling of jealousy to fits of anger. In the end the person is left demoralized, beaten and with low self-esteem.

In any relationship there is a power struggle that ensues right from the first date and continues until the couples are no longer seeing each other. From the very first date your partner sums up their ability to control you. They do this through those subtle cues that you give when deciding what to eat, where to go on a date and how you pay for the meal.

You might find that men who can be controlled by women are not an attractive trait to be fostered. Most women prefer a man who can maintain control in their relationship by the behavior and demeanor of their actions. They can show control by being calm, making decisive decisions and not being too excited about dating.

That doesn’t mean that you aren’t excited to see them and to go out with them but that you put things in the proper perspective. Thus if attempt to call her and know that she is ignoring your phone call you will look pretty weak if you repeatedly call her. At that point she knows that you can be controlled.

Let me give you an example of two people; Mr. Softy and Mr. Confident. Mr. Softy is so worried about pleasing the other person and desires so badly to have that person like them that they appear weak and needy. Thus woman usually take advantage of him and then walk away because they get annoyed. Mr. Confident returns the female’s phone calls when it is convenient for him, will walk away from a bad relationship and will make decisions. Mr. Confident gets chased by the woman in many cases.

The sad reality is that “those who love the least have the most power”. If you can live with or without the other person they will understand they are on a thin line with you. They can’t play you because you are confident in yourself. Thus the woman will fell compelled to increase her focus and attention on developing the relationship. The key is to continue to show some interest to motivate her efforts but not enough to satisfy the needs completely.

“Those Who Love the Least Have the Most Power” was written by Mali can be viewed HERE along with other great articles.

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  1. You fail to mention that it's not all warfare in every relationship. If you happen to be one of those lucky few people who find a person that respects you without being needy or coming off as uncaring then you are lucky indeed. Not every relation ship is a black and white as you make it seem and it would be wise to remind your readers of that.

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