Upgrading My Life after College: Laptops

I am a college graduate. Ew, even after 4 days of being able to say that, I still don’t like the sound of it. But I have sort of, kinda, come to grips with beginning this new phase of life.

In my ploy to stay uber busy while at home in the Midwest to avoid boredom or a meltdown during this limbo post-graduation phase, I have been on a cleansing mission. I feel that some things just need to go once you are not a college co-ed anymore.

Example A: Abercrombie and Fitch clothes. Yesterday, I sifted through my whole wardrobe and exiled all clothes with the logo splashed across the front or any items that blatantly looked like they came from a scene in the catalog. Yes, this was hard, but I felt it was time.

Example B: Laptops. This is the example that I am still figuring out and need help. I have had the same laptop (Dell Inspiron 5100) for the past four years, and let me tell you, it now seems as ancient as the ridiculously large Zack Morris cell phone. I mean, come on, I am a blogger for the hottest website, College Candy, and feel embarassed to sit with my clunker of a computer at Starbucks. This is unacceptable.

Fortunately, my parents have agreed to help me out with the cost of buying a new laptop as a graduation gift. But, I am clueless when it comes to the technology nowadays…I just like the ones that look pretty. My main objective is to find a laptop that will not totally crash and lose everything on my hard drive, as well as being light and easy to transport around with me all over the place.

I think I have narrowed my search down to two options after online research and opinions from others:

1. Apple MacBook. In white of course, cause it’s so much prettier. My only concerns: I’ve had a PC throughout college, will I be able to transition to a Mac? Also, is it too cliche? Think Carrie Bradshaw sitting in a cafe with her laptop.

2. Sony VAIO. I like the look of these and their lightweight feel. But, I’m not as familiar with this brand in terms of quality…

Since I am completely clueless on this topic, any advice would be appreciated! Good or bad experiences with either of these versions? Other suggestions? Help a recently graduated sister out.

5 thoughts on “Upgrading My Life after College: Laptops”

  1. hey, get a macbook pro, its better than a pc, will last longer, always look good, its a lot more user friendly, and u can even put windows on it…

    if u get a pc, u might be getting another in 3 or 4 years, but if u get a macbook pro, it will run well for about 8-10 years…

  2. Unless you're a bit of a techie, it's too annoying to deal with how most softwares are not compatible with macs. For a top notch PC, go with something from Lenovo (formerly called IBM). I've been using an IBM laptop for three years, and it's never crashed.

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