Virginia Tech Starts Anew

On Monday August 20th 2007, Blacksburg, Virginia welcomed students back to Virginia Tech for the Fall Semester; however the return to classes for many returning students is a bittersweet experience.

For many students the wounds are still fresh from the senseless massacre perpetrated by Seung Hui Cho on April 16th of this year that left 32 students dead in what is perhaps the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States. In its wake the tragedy left a school and a town in mourning, a nation that came together to lend its support to the stricken families, and a student body whose college experience is forever marred.

Erin Sheehan, a student who was in Norris Hall during the rampage, told CNN that she is still showing symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome. “When I hear a loud noise or something unexpected, I’ll peer out through the little hole in my door to make sure everything is OK.â€? The school, like Erin, is becoming more vigilant by increasing security around campus, including putting locks on the inside of classrooms.

But, all is not grim at Virginia Tech. Students playing Frisbee on a newly christened memorial field and the student body has increased with a freshman class of 5,215. It is clear that Professor Nikki Giovanni’s assessment was correct when she declared, “The Hokies spirit is alive and well!â€? And thank God it is!

It’s good to see that while people are remembering the fallen, they are also looking forward, embracing life, and not allowing grief and fear to overwhelm them. This is something that all college students need to do especially in the year to come when the wounds are still fresh. Perhaps Erin summed it up best, “When classes started again in the spring I didn’t come back, it was just too hard to do then but now I’m ready.â€? And I think we all are ready to move on from the tragedy and let the students of Virginia Tech move forward.

We here at CO-ED Magazine wish the students and faculty at Virginia Tech good luck in the upcoming year.

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