Video Trifecta

Phone Sex In An Elevator
What would you do if your co-worker walked into the elevator and started having extreme phone sex with his girlfriend?
[protected-iframe id=”43d8db81a71e17d69e1c4224ee98d837-3508545-55749914″ info=”″ width=”464″ height=”392″]

FHM Championship of Women
20 teams, 20 women. Either way we win because these girls are blazin’ hot. Finally a way to follow soccer that actually interests me.
[protected-iframe id=”f9db9a30d3e0613d4a7d333c0cc60996-3508545-55749914″ info=”″ width=”464″ height=”392″]

This Is Sparta Remix
There must’ve been at least 1,000 300 remixes created over the last 6 months; this one is my favorite. It takes the best scenes from various remixes and puts them all in one well done video.
[protected-iframe id=”80594eae45d3088d56278c10d95bcbc1-3508545-55749914″ info=”″ width=”464″ height=”392″]

1 thought on “Video Trifecta”

  1. WTF…this elevator video has been a standing joke for several friends and myself for months. WHY would you remove the funniest video I have seen in months.

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