Amy Winehouse, Battered and Bruised

Amy Winehouse has spun completely out of control.

Bruised and battered from a scuffle with her “husband” Blake Fielder-Civil, 23-year-old Winehouse looked very much the mess on London streets early Thursday morning. This is certainly one of those cases where even the paparazzi reveals a heart – if only after taking pictures of the bloodied-up couple.

With enough celeb sob-stories to muss over every minute of every day Winehouse’s fall from grace is the most distressing, as her rise to worldwide fame has given way to worldwide infamy in record time.

I sincerely hope that she finds some help from some of her real-life friends – not money-grubbing, tail-following scenesters.

2 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse, Battered and Bruised”

  1. Heart?


    She doesn’t need HEART, she needs to be locked up in JAIL, the domestic abusing junkie.

    Either you want ALL abusers locked away or you support every woman being smashed in the face as well.

    Cut the hypocrite crap and send this abuser AWAY!

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