“Obama Girl” Ditches Her Man

“Obama Girl,” also known as random-not-that-hot-but-hot-enough-girl Amber Lee Ettinger to a select few, has strayed from Obama’s powerful clutch and into the arms of another Democrat – Hillary Clinton.

In the latest edition of Steppin’ Out magazine OG appears on the cover, air-brushed into oblivion but looking mighty fine. In her exclusive interview she talked about, like…stuff. And some things…about stuff.

What does this mean to her rabid fanbase? Nothing at all.

Her music video for “I Got a Crush…On Obama,” like most videos featuring “funny girls” on YouTube, is popular for its scantily-clad protagonist, not political topics.

But who cares? I don’t go to YouTube for hot-button issues and politics – I go there for poli-tits (see what I just did there?).

Watch the video for “I Got a Crush…On Obama” after the jump.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKsoXHYICqU]

2 thoughts on ““Obama Girl” Ditches Her Man”

  1. She is so freakin sexy…whoever wrote this post got mad problems, ur ex girlfriend probably looks like her so u hatin….haha
    shes gorgeous and smart…

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