Timberlake, Alba in Myers’ “The Love Guru”

Canadian funnyman Mike Myers’ latest creation, The Love Guru, has officially signed on the talents of Justin Timberlake. Myers previously worked with JT in Shrek the Third, where the reigning King of Pop played king-in-waiting Artie Pendragon.

The Love Guru will be Myers’ first live-action film since the monumental flop Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat.

With Timberlake on board, Myers has quite a sizeable amount of star power in his new film. Other stars confirmed to have roles in The Love Guru include major-asset Jessica Alba, funny-ass dude Romany Malco and pint-sized playboy Verne Troyer.

The Love Guru tells the story of Pitka (Myers), a guru-raised spiritual man looking to bank on his upbringing to bring in some cash.

Throughout the comedy, Pitka attempts to help the Toronto Maple Leafs’ hockey franchise – owned by Jane Bullard (Alba), coached by Coach Cherkov (Troyer) – win its first Stanley Cup in decades; mediate a heated rivalry between Darren Roanoke of the Leafs (Malco) and Jacques Grande of the L.A. Kings (Timberlake) along with assisting Roanoke and his wife through marital distress.

Considering Myers’ expertise in the field of fish-out-of-water goofball comedy, The Love Guru is expected to revive his live-action resume upon its (tentative) release date of June 20, 2008.

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