No sex appeal? Forget about being a singer…

I always figured that being sexy was an added plus to your chances of making it as a female singer, but now, a recent CNN article divulges that it’s basically a requirement. And this factor could be a large reason why Melinda Dolittle was untimely sent home from American Idol.

In the article, a music executive recounts an experience with a girl who was extremely talented, but overweight, flat-chested, and not particularly beautiful. No matter how great her voice was, there was absolutely no way she could ever get signed.

Although I had a slight incling to this trend, I did not realize it had become so blatantly obvious. Of course, attractive people are technically more pleasant and intriguing to look at. But, when it comes down to the actual music and songs that I listen to in my headphones, I could care less if the person belting out the notes is a three eyed ogre, as long as the music rocks.

“Today, it’s hard to find a singer larger than a size 6 and without a sexy look — all of which are played up with sensuous videos, modeling spreads and provocative magazine covers. Lavigne, who once scoffed at singers who stripped for the cameras, fronts the new issue of Blender topless save for a strategically placed banner that reads ‘Hell Yeah, I’m Hot!'”

I understand that it’s all about marketing and the overall look. But seriously, I can’t help but wonder about the double standard for guy vs. girl singers. I mean, who thinks Ruben Studdard really has sex appeal? or Bo Bice? or Ozzy Osbourne? I think that these guys would be some of the last people I would ever want to see half-naked in a magazine spread. But, they are successful singers regardless.

Hopefully the trend will shift towards appreciating actual talent and not caring so much about how many 13 year old boys will be in their rooms fantasizing about a certain singer when deciding if they get signed or not.

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  1. if that’s the case how the hell does Amy Whinehouse get work? She looks like the reject of Micheal Vicks dog figthing ring.

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