Friendliest World Record?

Some Utah college student is trying to break the lamest world record of all time! 18 year old Jordan Pearce took an hour out of her busy day and hugged 765 people in an attempt to break the previous record of 612.

The attempt took place on Saturday afternoon but Pearce will have to wait until next week as Guinness analyzes the photographs, video and sworn statements from the events.

Pearce said, “”I feel like I’m on cloud nine” as her parents Rhoda and Geraldo looked on in disbelief because they finally come to the realization that they raised one of the gayest daughters in the history of gay daughters.

One year from now as Pearces’ fame wanes I see her opening up a meth lab and going on to break the world record for most BJ’s given in a 24 hour period.

Jessica Alba and Hyori Double-Team
Jessica Alba and Hyori Double-Team