How To Have a Wildly-Successful College Career… And Still Have Fun

Sound On gives us a pretty dead-on list on How To Be Ridiculously Successful In College (And Have A Good Time Doing It) In Ten Tips. I’ll include the list below but be sure to visit the site to check out the important details for each point on the list. It really will help you incoming freshman out a ton.

  1. Get To Class
    So much of your success will simply be based on class attendance.
  2. Take Notes
    During class, take notes by hand, even if you are the only one doing it.
  3. Stay Organized
    Come to class with a well organized empty notebook, ready to fill up.
  4. Get Your Sleep
    In order to learn, your body needs to sleep.
  5. Get Some Exercise
    If you want to learn, you need to keep a fresh supply of oxygen available to your brain.
  6. Complete Large Projects ASAP
    If you have a very large project assigned, e.g. a research paper, get it done ASAP.
  7. Visit Professors During Office Hours
    Most professors have times that they must be in their office.
  8. Do Your Assignments
    It might sound like obvious advice, but get your assignments done.
  9. Go To Parties
    Yes, parties are a dime a dozen in college, but definitely attend some (most?) of them.
  10. Make Time For Reflection
    After each semester is over, go for a walk late at night and think about all that you have accomplished academically, personally, and spiritually.

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