“Gay” Olympics in 2008?

With colorful flags a-waving, there isn’t a more fruitful time than now to start thinking “Gay” for the 2008 Olympics.

Tyson Gay has been a middle-to-top-class sprinter in the 100m and 200m dash for the last few years – in 2005 he was the “4” in the U.S. 200m 1-2-3-4 sweep – but the recent spring in his step has earned him Gold medals and World Records.

Gay, a 25-year-old American, got the Gold in both the 100m (9.85 seconds) and 200m (19.76 seconds) at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan – the first athlete to do so since Justin Gatlin in 2005.

His 19.76 in the 200m is edged out ever-so-slightly by the “world’s fastest man” himself, Michael Johnson, in 1996 (19.32).

Olympic hopeful? You bet your sweet ass.

Watch Gay win the 200m after the jump.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kr_XJ9XMbM]

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