Some Sensational Back to School Condoms!

As we head back to college, there are a few things we must not forget; ample amounts of underwear (the more pairs of clean underwear a girl has, the less she has to visit the laundry), bathroom sandals (you know have no idea what’s gone on in those shower stalls), and condoms. You can keep them in a cute little box, a nondescript bag, or right out on the nightstand (depending on how classy you plan on being), but just make sure you have them. Guys don’t always come prepared, and nothing ruins the mood faster than knocking on your friends’ doors for a spare.

In case you’re at a loss as to which condom to buy (because there are like 50,000 different choices), Women’s Health has compiled a list of some of the most “sensationalâ€? latex love gloves out there.

A few examples include:

LifeStyles Warming Pleasure: One of those water-based lubricated condoms that stimulates the “clitoris, labia, and vaginal wallâ€?, this brand actually makes good on it’s claims, providing a “mild but very sensualâ€? warming sensation.

Naturalamb: Since these “second skinâ€? condoms don’t protect against STD’s, they’re recommended for monogamous couples. Made from natural animal membranes (yup), Naturalamb is supposedly the thinnest condom available—an awesome find for the long-term couple, as long as you’re alright about that whole ‘membrane’ thing…

Trojan Magnum Twister: Bigger than your average condom, the Twister has a patented “twist shape for mutual pleasureâ€?. I’m not quite sure what that shape is, but I hear it’s pretty good at hitting the ever elusive G-spot.

So remember girls, with all the choices out there (and the routinely free samples scattered across campus) there’s absolutely no excuse for not using one. And any guy who tells you different most likely has a college-sized amount of disease.

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