3AM Ramen Noodle Crave

Ramen noodles are just as much a part of college as text books and douche-bags sitting in the front row writing down every word that comes out of the teacher’s mouth. Think about it: what fills you up at 3AM when you are too hammered to even walk to Cluck-U 2 blocks away? Ramen Noodles.

Who is there when you have a sore throat and you need some calming, warm, salty nourishment? Ramen Noodles!!

There is a point to this story. I’ve never seen an advertisement for Ramen, so it makes me wonder: how has it become the go-to college food for over 2 decades? Word of mouth? Urban legend? WTF is it?

Well, I don’t have a good answer for you but I do have a funny Ramen commercial from Japan that will give you a 3AM craving like no other.

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