Great Sex: A Matter of the Mind

Fill in the blank: the bigger the ______, the better the sex.

Get your minds out of the gutter, guys and gals.

Apparently, a big, healthy brain is the underground key to a steamy sex life.

In a recent article, Dr. Daniel Amen claims that sex—for the most part—occurs in the brain, specifically the part of the brain considered “the seat of orgasmsâ€? which he calls “the B-spot.â€? The brain, the biggest and most responsive organ in the body, has the power to intensify your sexual pleasure, according to Amen, an O.C.-based clinical psychiatrist.

Have we spent all this time trying to satisfy the G-spot when the B-spot is really responsible for great sex? Amen would answer in the affirmative. “To have a great sex life, you have to have a great brain,â€? Amen told The Columbus Dispatch.

And what exactly are the characteristics of a “great brain?â€? Well, brain eminence can be achieved via ordinary good health practices: aerobic exercise and a healthy diet.

Also, you may want to revise your wake-and-bake/keg stand routine. Amen says that abuse of drugs and alcohol shrinks that actual size of one’s brain. And when it comes to a “great brain,â€? the bigger, the better.

After digesting Dr. Amen’s theory, I had an odd revelation which has left me with only one piece of advice for those college students seeking a hotter sex life. Transfer to an ivy-league school.

My logic: where do healthy, constantly stimulated, undamaged-by-drugs-and-alcohol brains linger? Only on the quads of our finest, most party-lagging institutions!

Screw pitying nerds. Not only will they make more money than us average folk in the future, they already have better sex lives.

3AM Ramen Noodle Crave
3AM Ramen Noodle Crave