If It Makes You Happy…

Surprise!Kids our age aren’t as downright angry at the world as everyone previously thought! We aren’t totally disaffected and kind of care about the world! AND we REALLY love our microwaves!

I haven’t quite decided if this MTV/AP poll that was just released is dead on about our generation (or the way 13-24 year olds think in general) or total bullshit. They only polled around 1,300 of us, making the margin percentage error about plus or minus 3%.

There are a bunch of different news articles that are using the survey to make a general consensus of what makes us happy… that are parents do and that money does not. But, after reading through the WHOLE thing, this is what I found most interesting:

Drinking makes us very happy, somewhat happy and neither happy nor unhappy…which means, we like to drink! (SURPRISE!)

Sports, sex and religion make us happy! So do our parents!

We are somewhat unhappy with the way things are going in the world. (Finally a generation that gives a somewhat of a shit about the world.)

We’d be happier if we had more money, like hanging out with small groups as opposed to large ones and aren’t really religious but believe in a higher power. We participate in school clubs and activities.

We believe that there are things we can control that contribute to our happiness.

But when asked how happy socializing online makes us, 2% of people gave the answer very unhappy. Uh, isn’t that something we can control?

We think we’ll be happier in the future, definitely or probably want to get married AND stay married to that same person but we think we are too young to think about marriage right now.

We consider our career, our education and our family very important factors in our future happiness. Money isn’t as big of an importance. But having no financial worries is our ideal vision of happiness.

69% of us want to be rich but 43% thinks it isn’t likely to happen.

38% of the people polled don’t use a social networking site. (Who did they poll?)

We reside in the moral majority. We think gambling, excessive drinking and smoking pot are bad. (Again, who are these people?)

We think the internet, texting, cell phones and ipods make people happier (64%) and make it easier to make new friends.

The few things we couldn’t live without would be our ipods, newspapers and our microwaves. But when asked if they had read a newspaper the day before, most survey participants hadn’t.

So, we like to drink but not too many of us do drugs. We don’t necessarily need money to be happy but would like to pay our bills. Enjoy our food and news instantly and don’t really want to be famous. One day we want to get married and have a family and we think our education and career contribute to our future happiness. Also, we kind of like God but think religion is totally bunk.

While it’s all totally interesting, it’s really no surprise. And while it’s good that MTV is working with the Associated Press to determine the overall happiness of the younger generation, maybe it should be asking some questions about their own network. Because MTV totally blows.

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