Michael Vick’s Written Apology on eBay

Canine-connoisseur Michael Vick felt really, really sorry about kicking the s*** out of small puppies…so he wrote down all of his feelings on a piece of paper.

Vick used a cue-card of sorts when he held a press conference last month condemning his own actions, using key words like “apologize” and “forgive” numerous times. Like the poet Baudelaire before him, Vick’s use of words were ripe with rhythm and reason.

Thought to be lost forever, the legendary “apology slip” of Michael Vick has been found.

Now, for all you feisty eBayers out there, you can own this slice of history at an affordable price!

Folks, this is your ONE chance to own an important piece of sports memorabilia.

Take a gander at the apology slip of paper, reprinted in all of its glory, after the jump!

Scribbled down on an Omni Hotel parchment (fair condition) Vick’s poetry is skewed and revelatory, with juicy asides like “Dogs have suffered” peppering the corners of the paper in lucid detail. Indeed, this is the work of a master.

Bids are skyward of $200 $450 $2000 $10,000 so act quick.

(All proceeds will go to the Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund.)

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