Signs That It’s Time You Break Up With Her

Do you have doubts about your current relationship? Is it the jitters over commitment or is the relationship done? Here are some tips to help you make a decision to keep or dump your mate.

Complaining: “Do you complain about your lover to your friends? If you do more complaining than complimenting, this is a sign things are on the decline.”

User Example:
“Her friends never wanted to see me? I used to get along with them, but they started hating me because she would complain to them.”

The Passion is Gone: “Do you make love as often as you used to? In a relationship, there is a natural decline in sexual relations over time, but usually when the sex takes a significant dive, it can indicate there are deep problems in the relationship.”

User Example:
“Every time I approach her for sex, she always has an excuse. Usually she said she was too tired.”

Being With Them/Without Them: “How do you feel most of the time when you are with your lover? How do you feel when you are away from them? If you find that you want to be away from your lover more than you want to be with them, it’s time to think about moving on.”

User Example 1:
“My girlfriend left for the week and I’ve never felt better!”

User Example 2:”
“Sometimes when we would sit on the couch and talk, I would think nothing but ‘shut the hell up!’ when she talked.”

Picking Fights: “Are either of you finding reasons to fight? Fighting is normal, but if it’s on a grand scale and usually about things that used to not even matter, chances are the towers will come crashing down soon.”

User Example:
“She complained that I left the basement light on when she does it herself.”

Long-Term Plans: “Do you talk about long-term plans together? If those conversations are only one-sided, you aren’t both really vested in the relationship.”

User Example:
“We were engaged but she never wanted to talk about the wedding plans.”

“Use these tips with it in mind that everybody has bad weeks or months. Things may change or can be worked out. These tips are meant to help in identifying long term problems. Hopefully you feel better about your relationship after reading this article. If not, it’s time to move on.”

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2 thoughts on “Signs That It’s Time You Break Up With Her”

  1. That marriage is a tough thing for some women My girl for the past year & a half ended it because i asked her to marry me, she freaked out and left me that week

    i know a few women out there that would say Well you too must have been splitting up, but we weren't and i'm just wanting some other women to give me some incite.

    As to any other possibilities that could have contributed to her decision,
    she did a guy at a party when i had been away for 2 months (on research trip) she hooked up with some Old friend that had hounded her before, but she said that had nothing to do with it but i don't believe her, should i? its been 5 month's since the split she and i have remained single but have seen each other at friends party's her friends want me to get back with her and my friends don't care about her at all. My best mate helped me after the split
    (and considering he stayed awake until his exam the following morning talking to me) he said to me the other day "When are you going to move on? its been ages since you've even Gone to a party with us?" But you know shit happens and i'm just wanting closure just wondering if anyone can give me incite into WHY?

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