Air Sex: Do Try This at Home… Only at Home.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are ruining my life. Seriously. I have said many times how much I love reading celeb gossip—it is my escape throughout the day. TMZ, Perez, Page Six, … all one stop spots for me to marvel in how the other half lives. But I honestly can’t stand to read another thing about these two morons.

Paris—throw her ass in jail. She’s an idiot who has done nothing for us except act in bad movies, or openly feuded and f***ed everyone in Hollywood. Enough.

And Lindsay? I agree with Jess at College Candy—I had hope for you, and now you’ve ruined it. Snort, and screw yourself into oblivion, ruin your career, do whatever it is you do, I just don’t want to hear about it.

So I’ve had to find entertainment elsewhere these days. I blindly search the internet for something of interest, and have been mostly unsuccessful in finding anything that tickles my fancy. Until I came upon this video.

Check out the “Air Sex” video after the jump.

Air Sex? I am weirded out, amused, confused, disgusted, intrigued… there’s really not enough words. I wonder how you gather the nerve to put your moves on in front of an audience—especially the one’s shown off here.

I’ve heard of cultural differences, but this is just too strange for me. What’s going on over there?

Making Moolah the Easy Way
Making Moolah the Easy Way