Manual vs Automatic: The Decision is a Man Thing

Manual transmission is definitely way cooler than automatic. People that drive stick will never go back to auto, and people that drive automatic are just pussies. There are tons of economical, coolness and pimpin’ pros to driving a stick shift. Lift your skirt up – it’s time for a dip into Manland.

I wanted a manual transmission since I was a child. I was amazed how my father could control how the gears shifted, not the transmission. When I grew old enough to understand the inner workings of the gears, I thought it was great how if you want to accelerate all you have to do is downshift and give it gas, unlike in an automatic where you have to put the pedal to the medal and wait for the transmission to kick down. A stick is also better in poor weather conditions so you can control what the gears are doing and feel the tires doing work for you.

A 4-cylinder, 5-speed stick shift will get better gas mileage than 4 cylinder automatic. It’s science. This of course applies to people who drive equally, not someone who is pissing off the ponies in a stick to get the RPM’s to red line. With gas prices the way they have been for the last couple years, it’s smart to pay for a car that will literally go that extra mile, and you can have fun while doing it.

The coolness factor is definitely the most important part. Every guy should know how to drive stick, but the skinny of it is that we are a select few. We are champions, road warriors, and we are probably bigger in the pants. Girls love guys who can drive like a man. As long as you haven’t don’t much damage to the clutch let her take a stab at it, but be patient, and she will give you head.

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