Top 10: Ways To Approach A Babe

“We’ve all seen her — that one woman who is just SO hot that every guy is too intimidated to approach her. But what if some one was willing to do it, and what if that someone was you? The simple truth is that the more attractive a woman is the more likely it is that every other guy is too scared to talk to her. So, here are 10 tips to put yourself ahead of the “packâ€? by learning how to talk to super-attractive women.”

Number 10 : Recognize when she’s receptive and when she’s NOT
“It’s important that you cultivate the ability to recognize when a woman is “open and receptiveâ€? to you, and when she’s not. When she looks at you, does she look away? Does she look down or to the SIDE when she looks away? As you become better and better at seeing receptive “statesâ€? in women, you’ll find that your success will improve SUBSTANTIALLY.”

Number 9 : Know how she’ll react ahead of time
“One of the reasons we don’t start conversations with hot women — in fact, why we don’t even TRY to — is because we don’t have any idea what to expect. Most of us have never done it, and rarely have we even seen OTHER GUYS do it. So what happens, on average, with a guy who has learned to start conversations with hot women without being overly nervous and who has learned to project a calm, confident, open personality? In most situations, a guy like this will get at least an OPENING… it’s RARE that a woman will treat him “rudely.â€? And if, occasionally, a woman DOES respond rudely, you know it has more to with HER than it does with YOU.”

Number 8 : “Reprogramâ€? your fear response
“Most guys have a knee-jerk “fear responseâ€? when it comes to approaching a particularly attractive woman. If you want to “reprogramâ€? this response fast, then go big and put yourself in a situation where you approach many women in rapid succession. If you approach 10, 20 or even 50 women in a single day, you’ll make TREMENDOUS progress toward rewiring your instinctive fear reaction. Grab a buddy and commit to one another that you’re both going to approach a certain number of women on a particular night. Give each other a mental high five for each approach, and before you know it, you’ll have reached your goal for the evening… And approaching attractive women won’t be NEARLY as big of a deal as it may have been for you in the past.”

Number 7 : Avoid “negative feedback loopsâ€?
“What do guys do when they see a woman they’d like to talk to? They get stuck in what I call “inaction loops.â€? They try to come up with something original and charming to say. Or they try to think of the perfect compliment. Or they starting imagining that she’s not single, that she’s too busy to talk or — worst of all — that she wouldn’t be interested in someone like you. All of these thoughts lead to a powerful emotional and physical FEAR response that’s real — you can feel it in your body. Stay out of this loop by NOT HESITATING when you see a woman you want to approach, and have some sort of opener ready to go. This will get you talking quickly… Instead of going inside your head and letting your imagination work against you.”

Number 6 : Keep your cool
“There are “trip wiresâ€? or triggers that can instantly put you in a BAD place with an attractive woman. Most of these big mistakes revolve around giving her your power, acting uncomfortably or unnaturally or letting the situation unnerve you and losing your composure. Avoid behaviors like trying to impress her, giving her more than one compliment, looking for her approval, doing things for her, kissing up to her, etc. At first, you’ll need to consciously avoid these pitfalls. With practice, you’ll get to the point where you NATURALLY avoid them.”

Number 5 : Never seek her approval

“Seeking a woman’s approval is the most common and most deadly mistake men make when talking to women. Think of it as a continuum from bad to good: You need her approval, you want her approval, you’d like her approval, but you’re OK without it. Or, you only care a little bit about what she thinks of you and you could give a rat’s ass if she approves of you or not. Figure out where you’re at this continuum right now, and make it a point to progress with every interaction until you reach the point in which you no longer seek any woman’s approval. Every bit of growth you make in this area has a POWERFUL effect on your ability to chat up and attract those super-babes you’re after…”

Number 4 : Try different attitudes for your approaches
“I’ve seen many different attitudes and roles work well for approaching women: enthusiastic, serious, casual, interested, etc. Develop an approach that fits your personality, but also be willing to try out some styles. It’s perfectly OK to test things out, experiment, and find what works to get the results you want. Think of three different attitudes you could try right now and make it a point to use each of them with at least three different women as soon as possible. This simple exercise can work miracles and put you in touch with a style of game that works for you personally.”

Number 3 : Ask her opinion
“About four or five years ago, I was out at a club and I stumbled upon an interesting way to start conversations with women. I decided it was time to start treating these women as if they were just people who happened to be where I was, and I wanted to chat with them. So I started approaching women and starting conversations with them by asking their opinions on things (especially on topics women find interesting, like the latest celebrity gossip, etc.). I left that night with five phone numbers from some of the hottest women I’d ever met. Asking a woman’s opinion offers the lowest risk, and is one of the simplest ways to start a conversation.”

Number 2 : Remember that approaching gives YOU a critical advantage
“The good news is that it IS possible to rewire yourself and learn how to approach incredibly attractive women, and enjoy both incredible success and advantages as a result. Remember: Most men will NEVER seek this path of overcoming the fear of approaching gorgeous women, so when YOU do, you give yourself an almost unfair advantage over most of the men who are now living or for that matter, who have EVER lived. Pretty deep, huh? When you need a little motivation to nudge you to start talking to a woman, remember the incredible advantage approaching her will give you — then let it happen.”

Number 1 : Commit yourself to mastery

“Approaching attractive women is one of the “coreâ€? skills in your arsenal to improve your success with women. It’ll open all sorts of doors for you and give you ample opportunities to practice your game, not to mention lead to a lot of “funâ€? with different women. But it’s not something that’ll change overnight. If you really want to get this part of your life handled, make a commitment to become a MASTER at approaching women. Get all the best ideas and techniques you can, practice them out in the field, and never stop learning. That’s the path to true mastery.”

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