The Daily Shocker: Tase Her

A wheelchair-bound, 56-year-old woman called 911 on her sister. Upon arrival to her house cops found the woman alone, wielding two knifes and threatening to use them if if anybody tried to harm her. Naturally, they tasered her, which seems to be all the rage these days. (Breitbart)

Video: Sherri Shepherd of The View “not sure” if the world is flat or not. It takes a dumb, round girl to not know if the Earth is flat or not. (YouTube)

A man, drunk off his ass, decides to play Santa Claus for his girlfriend and hop down her chimney at 3:30am – what happens next is anybodys guess. Helpful hint: she wasn’t too happy about it. (WTAE)

A man, probably drugged off his ass, decides to take the advice of his dog, Peaches; barge onto a school bus filled with kids and take away their backpacks for fear they contain drugs. Way to take the law into your own paws, McGruff the Crime Dog. (HeraldNet)

Xbox 360, Mass Effect, aliens, lesbians, sex – McLovin’s wet dream. (Joystiq)

The Daily Shocker: Suing God
The Daily Shocker: Suing God
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