COED Presents: Web Essentials

Best Site to: Prank your friends

IP-Relay – A website designed for deaf people to make phone calls over the internet has given the lucky kids who know about it hours of laughs as you crank call friends and make the unassuming operator translate dirty/degrading things.

Runners Up: (WARNING: NSFW) Meatspin / Lemon Party /

Best Site to: Travel Europe cheaply

Easy Jet – Abroad in Europe with a weekend to kill? Why not take a weekend trip and fly to another country for dirt-ass cheap? Easy Jet is low-cost airline that flies to every major hub in Europe, has a perfect safety record, reliable service and is even publicly traded! It is a true travel gem. Example fare: London to Rome 35EU.

Runners Up: Hostel World / Zoom Airlines / eurail

Best Site to: Book a concert at your school

Clear Channel College Entertainment – Getting the Foo Fighters, Gym Class Heroes or any other major act to play your school is much easier than you think! Check out the site and scroll through artist availability and pricing. Then contact your campus SAB and get the ball rolling.

Best Site to: See some sex for free without spam

Newsfilter – A site that scours the internet for free pron and compiles it into a nice list that is updated dozens of times a day. Features video and picture galleries and also has some of the most entertaining subject titles on the internet like this classic: “The Girls ‘Down Under’ Go Down on a Penile Colony.” All this and more without spamming the shit out of you.

Best Site to: Download without getting busted

Bittorrent / ISO Hunt – This is a two-prong attack that will score you all the free media you could ever want without having to worry about “The Manâ€? busting down your door. First download Bittorrent (the downloading program) then visit any of the torrent sharing sites (ISO Hunt) on the internet and goooo nuts!

Best Site to: See funny pictures of cats doing things

icanhascheezburger – hundreds of pictures of cats doing funny things with captions that will crack you up.

Best Site to: Help make smart financial decisions

Consumerist – Helping the youth of America make smart financial decisions since 2005. Tons of interesting and informative content will have you scrolling for hours and checking back everyday.

Best Site to: Find out if your roommate is a child diddler

Family Watch Dog – So your roommate has a weird fetish for webcam vids of 8-year-olds getting banged by 34-year-old dudes with rat tails? Yeeeeaaah chances are if you run a search on Family Watch Dog for his name it will come up as a registered sex offender. See for yourself and remember… sleep with on eye open!

Best Site to: Buy that “Sorry baby, I f***ed up” gift – this site has every inexpensive surprise gift idea under the sun. Actually you don’t even need to know that much about your girlfriend to come up with a sick gift that matches her interests to a T. It also works well with holiday gifts for family members and friends.

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