The Daily Shocker: Classy Strip Joints

Rachel’s Gentleman’s Club in Florida gives away complimentary flu-shots and free lunch to the elderly. No word on worthwhile benefits for pervy middle-age guys, though. (WESH)

I won’t even attempt to divulge any thoughts on this real-life space opera. (Pravda)

Woman murders her boyfriend when she found his porn stash. Let this be a lesson: it’s time to find a new secret compartment in your house, fellas. (Chicago Tribune)

Post A Phone: the only landline phone flatter than your kid sister. (College Candy)

Guy confesses to the Senior prank he pulled in High School – 50 years later. (Palo Alto News)

Only Douchebags Get Motivated Through Posters
Only Douchebags Get Motivated Through Posters