The Daily Shocker: Latin-Americans Love Life

Statistics show that most Latin-American countries rank highest in a worldwide poll for “personal satisfaction.” Hot weather, nachos, Corona and the hottest women in the world – yeah, I’d be pretty pumped about my life too. (Yahoo)

A teacher in Montclaire gives out homework assignments to his students’ parents on the regular. Start placing your bets now to see how long it will take for this smart-aleck teacher to be “involved in a scandal.” I say two weeks. (NY Times)

Woman gets sued for downloading 24 songs of KaZaa. She originally got charged for 25 songs, but even the RIAA doesn’t consider Nickelback music. (Duluth News)

“The Top Ten Rude Behaviors in the Workplace” (Hopkins)

After the Mayor of Atlantic City turns up missing for over a week, some random dude appoints himself Mayor. First action as Mayor: rename A.C. “Awesomeville.” (CBS3)

Hey Jokester… Take Notes From the Champs
Hey Jokester… Take Notes From the Champs