Rick Salomon, Ho Magnet?

Rick Salomon has a way of attracting Hollywood’s biggest skanks. In fact that’s all he’s “famous” for.

Chances are you’ve heard of the sex tape Salomon released in 2001 called One Night in Paris. He was the green night-vision dude that banged socialite Paris Hilton doggy style, forever making her a household name…for being a slut.

If Paris Hilton was on the average guys Rolodex of hook ups she would be the numero uno ho, a tramp trophy if you will – but not for Rick Salomon!

For a year he was married to Shannen Doherty, the club-hopping street brawler that has a habit of going down on rich dudes – check out her list if you don’t believe me. And Ricks latest conquest is ultra-ho Pam Anderson, who he married yesterday in Vegas after a month of dating.

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