Vick ‘EM

The football rivalry revolving around Texas Tech and Texas A&M students got a little nastier this week.

In the past students would stick to traditional favorites ranging from rioting and ripping down the goal post to pelting opposing players with ice balls and AA batteries.

This weekend when the two schools meet up for the yearly classic, instead of taking part in reckless behavior Texas A&M students will have the option of making a silent statement by wearing an offensive T Shirt created by A&M frat boy Geoffrey Candia.

The red and black shirts bear the likeness of Michael Vick, Dog’s Best Friend wearing a #7 jersey hanging “Reveille” the dog mascot of rival Texas A&M from a noose with text that says “VICK ‘EM” on the front — in an apparent reference to the Aggies’ slogan “Gig ’em.”

Creative and fashionable! Although the shirts are banned from being sold on campus you can pick one up on ebay to wear with pride at the game. Just watch your back because a AA battery to the head will leave a pretty big welt.

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