Kids Pole-Dancing: Hot or Not?

In a world where strippers make more money than most political figures, is it wrong to teach the youth of today the art of pole-dancing?

The answer is a resounding YES.

In Australia, kids – I’m talking kids, like 7-year-old girls and boys – are being registered (by their parents, mind you) to take pole-dancing lessons.

Yes: everybody knows that strippers are well-toned athletes and intense trainers that go for the Olympic Gold every time they bleach their ******* and dollar bills get stuffed straight up their G-strings by old pervs.

When did throwing the ball around become too passe? When I was a strapping young man I would chop wood and shingle roofs to get my bod looking like this guys.

Now we have kids not old enough to handle their no-no parts correctly gyrating and shimmying up stripper poles in the name of exercise.

Grab an axe and chop away, young boy – at the very least you’ll be able to fend off anybody who attempts to kick your ass when they hear about your past experience sliding down a stripper pole.

And girls? Don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of time in the future to handle poles.

2 thoughts on “Kids Pole-Dancing: Hot or Not?”

  1. "Kali" I'm sorry, but did you read the post? I suspect you only looked at the picture. Perhaps you got someone else to rite da words. Josh, I live in Australia and there is a "dance studio" in my city that offers pole dancing lessons with no (lower or upper) age limit. Do you think you can get across to all the Kallis that it's wrong with a capital "R". I think Kalli would have been just as impressed if the picture featured an eight year old. What do you do?

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